DSC_4012_Creamtone cropped to 8x10 ratio

I started out as a scientist by education and employment. For a long time I worked as a Research Chemist in a drinking water treatment research laboratory, and later at a small startup research & development company. In spite of my analytical side, I have always had a strong creative streak. I am an accomplished musician and singer, I have written a novel (unpublished, of course), I’ve experimented with painting, I am heavily involved in my local community theatre scene (both onstage and off) and I love to create wonderful things in my kitchen. But it is through my stained glass that I have decided to truly indulge my inner artist. Since October 2009 I have been working full-time as an artist and loving every moment. I fell in love with stained glass the first time I tried it, and have been making stained glass works for several years now. I have always adored the beauty of glass, and I am so happy to be able to create with it!


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